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Bitcoin Exposed - Today's complete guide to tomorrows currency -
Bitcoin Exposed 2013 EBookEveryone's Been Asking – What is Bitcoin?
Learn the Ins and Outs of Bitcoin, the elusive new currency, including Bitcoin Mining, how to buy, sell and invest, and how you can achieve long term profits!
Bitcoin has been brooding within the tech community over the last few years. However, within the past few months, Bitcoin has exploded into the mainstream and is being covered in every notable new source with commentary almost everyday.

What is this mysterious currency?
Most people (even those doing the reporting) understand very little about this internet phenomenon. Bitcoin is a decentralized “crypto-currency” that puts the power in the hands of the people and takes it away from the banks and government. Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin. This book, Bitcoin Exposed, will teach you how to quickly get set-up with a Bitcoin account and reap all the rewards of this online currency.

Bitcoin Exposed will teach you how to:

- Quickly get set-up with a Bitcoin wallet
- Buy goods over the internet with the click of a mouse
- Transfer money to friends
- Make completely anonymous transactions
- Bitcoin Mining and how to become a “Bitcoin Miner”
- Profit with Bitcoins and investing secrets

Our BONUS Insight:

An in-depth analysis of the current problems and potential pitfalls of Bitcoin, as well as the exponential profits early investors may reap from acquiring Bitcoins now. Note from Authors - Mark Solomon & Daniel Forrester “Bitcoin is not just a way for hackers to buy obscure products on the internet. It has evolved into a robust, versatile online currency that anyone can use to buy products, trade, or increase their business's sales potential. Reap the benefits of becoming an expert on this new currency with this new tell-all book"

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Facebook Marketing 2013 - Facebook Marketing 2013 EBook
With over 1 billion users, 167 million unique users a month and 500+ million likes a day Facebook is a marketing powerhouse!

If you’re not sure how to utilise Facebook to best help your business, build your list or increase your income then this ebook is for you!

In this guide you will discover:

3 proven, powerful ways to build a list of targeted customers fast

The little secret I know to get in front of over 60% of your fans for free!

The easy way to build a huge community of targeted buyers without ever asking for an email address

How to create hot, attention grabbing ads that make you money

The one traffic method you can start using TODAY to get all the clicks you need

The System that means you only have to spend 30 minutes a day on Facebook to get maximum results

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Windows 8 - Expert Tips and Tricks 2013 - Windows 8 - Expert Tips and Tricks 2013

Several months have passed since the launch of Windows 8, and by now many of you will have, at the very least, sampled the new operating system, if not gone straight out and bought a brand new PC and got - stuck into it immediately.

Others may be hanging on waiting for the right moment, until windows 8 finally sways them or their current PC packs in.

But whatever stage you're at in the Windows lifecycle, Windows 8: Expert Tips and Tricks is a great way to enhance your experience of the new operating system.

If you're at the very beginning of the learning curve, you can find out exactly what you need to do to get off the ground instantly, while those who have been using it for some time now - and even those who consider themselves experts already - will benefit from all the great tips and tricks included within, which show you how to extract the maximum potential from your Windows 8 PC.

With every turn of a page, you're guaranteed to discover something new and amazing that you didn't know before, and we reckon you'll be glad that you found out.

Please note that I've had to optimise the 168 page book to make it a manageable 46Mb download, the original unoptimised version is 500Mb so there is a trade off with the quality but Its readable enough and will give you lots of great insights into Microsofts latest Operating System.


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